To Enroll


It is possible to participate in Lifeline through landline or wireless companies. To enroll in the Lifeline program, contact your telephone company, if you have one, or contact the company you wish to obtain your Lifeline benefit through. A list of participating companies is maintained by the Illinois Commerce Commission here.


The FCC enrolled Illinois in a new verifier system on March 24, 2020. To apply for Lifeline benefits, you can now take one of three steps.

  1. Use the National Verifier Consumer Portal at;
  2. Mail a paper application to the Lifeline Support Center; or
  3. Apply through your telephone or broadband provider


New telephone subscribers may qualify for a reduced cost of installation for wireline phones. If you already have phone service, you may still qualify to reduce your monthly local phone bills.


To determine which landline telephone company serves a specific area, click here.